Father's Day

My dad never, ever goes on the internet. He refers to it jokingly as 'that there internet thing' and enlists my tech-savvy mum to send emails on his behalf from their joint email account. If he ever has to type anything (usually when searching for obscure records on Amazon that are generally unavailable) he does so with one finger, painstakingly spelling out the widely unknown artist's name, leading me to shout "Stop! I'll help you!" So I think I'll be okay to preview his Father's Day card on here, seeing as there's no chance of him seeing it until it arrives in the post.

He's not an everyday kind of dad, so I don't tend to make him everyday kinds of cards. This one is particularly high in irrelevance factor, but I think he'll like it all the same. It's my interpretation of a photo I took inside the Matsu Temple in Jhunan, Taiwan. It's pretty stylised and not exactly accurate but that's generally the case with all of my art... I used Pilot Hi-Tec C pens, watercolours and a Copic Sketch marker. After I took this picture I laminated the card so it's more likely to stand the test of time (when I say laminated, I mean I stuck some sticky backed plastic on it by hand, carefully so as not to leave any creases...)

Dad has always tried to persuade me to do more drawings of the small and detailed variety, as he thinks they're my strong point (I agree - could never get into doing big abstract paintings). He also wants me to draw more buildings and cityscapes, which I do love doing. I'm going to Italy next week so will try and draw some of the buildings there, in tiny Hi-Tec C style.


  1. Love it!

    Ever notice how greeting cards companies seem to think *all* Dad's like: large glasses of beer, golf, fishing and slippers.
    My Dad likes none of these things. Not even slippers.

    I got him a Father's Day card with a giant green monster on it.

  2. It's true, those companies really don't have much scope for dads with different personalities and interests!

    My dad is also fond of none of those things. I think he owns a pair of slippers but is indifferent to them. His hobbies include not fishing or golf but playing multiple instruments and memorising packs of cards just for the hell of it... I don't think you can buy greetings cards about these things.